Why Walking is Good for Posture

Walking is an effective exercise for improving posture, and even people who are already active can benefit by adding daily scheduled walks to their fitness routine. While resistance, endurance, and agility training build strength, stamina, and speed, walking is a unique exercise that complements strength and flexibility training with continuous engagement of the hips, legs,… Continue reading Why Walking is Good for Posture


6 Standing Desk Options

This guide details 6 Standing Desk options. Several options are improvised using common retail products to assemble a standing desk without tools. I have also listed several commercial options, some with fixed heights and some with adjustable heights. I have also included seating options that are compatible with standing height desks with some being adjustable… Continue reading 6 Standing Desk Options


10 Warm-Up Exercises for Posture

These warm-up exercise integrate posture-building movements and holds to build strength in the upper back, rear shoulders, hips, and core. It also stretches muscles in the lower back, hamstrings, and pectorals. The goal is to train proper retraction of the shoulders, proper flexion and extension of the neck, and continuous engagement of the hips. Jumping… Continue reading 10 Warm-Up Exercises for Posture


Posture: What, Why, and How?

What is Posture? The definition of posture is “any intentionally or habitually assumed position”. For our purposes, posture comprises all positions consciously and subconsciously assumed while moving and while resting. Nearly everyone has been told to “Stand up straight; put your shoulders back!” to appear taller, speak louder, and project confidence. This is typically invoked… Continue reading Posture: What, Why, and How?